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Vermicompost is made by breaking down the organic material through the use of worms. Vermicompost improves biological, chemical, and physical properties of the soil.


KS Organics

KS Organics is Agra based farming company which deals into vermicomposting using various methodolgy, we produce composting faster and scalable than normal composting, at GEO we welcome people and trained them to start on vermicomposting and be part of scaling business.
Vermicomposting reduced your farming expense. And this will also improve your land quality. In vermicomposting, we can use species of worms.

Why Choose Us

We are team of young dynamic and experts who are investing their efforts into Vermicomposting and earning in lakhs and helping other people to start their career into Vermicomposting after free training with us.

Our Vermicompost is Best in Nutrition Composition.

Original, produced at own farms in Uttar Pradesh to ensure quality of product in controlled environment.

Worm Casting are 15 to 20 Times Higher Microbial Activity Than original soil & improves Soil Aeration Attracting Deep - Burrowed Earthworms Present in the Soil.

Available in 5 kg, 10kg & 15 kg. Already sieved before packaging to ensure there is no chance of foreign matter and size of product is uniform.

Our produce is sustainable and Environment Friendly & protects plants against various pests and diseases, 100% Organic 100% Natural Product 100% Weed free

High Organic Carbon Content, Absence of Foul Odour

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