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A Guide to Vermicomposting.

Mother Nature, also known as Mother Earth, is a metaphor of nature bounties for being a life-nurturer and a life-giving force of humanity who gives nature in its full simplicity and glory.

Earth is called Mother Earth, which is the similitude of a fertile womb where all life sprang and unto Mother Earth all forms of living beings must live and return after they complete their life span. Earth comprises both maternal and sensual features which helps one to transform oneself and help the earth to transform along with it.

A product of earthworm digestion and decomposition is what we call a Vermicompost. Vermicompost is nothing but a worm that contains a diversity of plants and essential microorganisms. Vermicompost is basically and primarily derived from waste materials.

The most preferred use of Vermicompost

¤Contains water-soluble nutrients which help in the fast growth of plants .

¤Can be used for the treatment of sewage.

¤Most preferable approach for organic farming.

¤A very quick approach to convert bin as they prefer a compost environment for healthy and fast development.

¤Very important for the fertility of soil nutrients.

¤May be used in potted plants and green vegetation.

¤Used as a foliar sprayed and liquid fertilizer.

¤The rate of Vermicompost application is 40-50% with maximum efficiency and demand.

Various names of Vermicompost

Vermicompost came to be known as various names such as worm humus, worm casting, worm faeces. They contain the highest level of nutrients and lowest levels of contaminants than the organic materials. It has gained universal popularity in both domestic domains as well as industrial companies.

Various countries which are run by Vermicomposting

Various countries are run by Vermicomposting such as Canada, Italy, the US, UK. They burrow deeper than the compost bins could carry or accommodate.

Vermicompost in small-scale industries

Kitchen and garden waste such as various types of earthworms decompose and digest organic wastes such as kitchen scraps which includes

●vegetable and fruit peels and slices


●Multi Grains and cereals and pulses as well

●shells of eggs

●A scrap of newspapers

●cleaners and various types of chemicals

●leaves and grasses

Uses of Vermicompost

Vermicompost can be added directly into the soil to make worm tea as a liquid fertilizer which enhances the soil very beneficially and effectively.

■The nutrient of PH varies upon the input

■The moisture can be easily maintained at up to 50%

■To avoid over-fertilization, Vermicompost can be mixed with tea with water or potting soil

An effective solution for Recycling Organic waste materials

Because of growing advancement and development in industrialization and urbanisation, the volume and amount of solid, liquid and other types of waste has increased rapidly like a fire. Solid waste could be recycled as biogas, landfilling and decomposition. However, used wisely and carefully these wastes can be used for Vermicomposting. It is a very low-cost, affordable, sustainable and eco-friendly initiative where earthworms connect with various other microorganisms and facilitates the growth of plants and essential microorganisms in Mother Earth.

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