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Importance of Vermicomposting.

 Producing decayed organic material which we call Compost by using earthworms to turn the ordinary organic waste into high-quality compost is what Vermicompost is known as. Vermicompost dissolves with compost and produces fertilizers for the sustainable growth of plants at a fast rate. To restore and reuse microbial populations Vermicompost works as a saviour. Plants use various micro-nutrients through Vermicomposting. Soil also receives good aeration because of Vermicomposting. It proliferates the various microorganisms which are highly beneficial for the soil. Along with this Vermicompost also strengthens the roots and stem to help the tree grow at a higher level.

Advantages of Vermicompost

Vermicompost supplies a very balanced amount of nutrients in the soil which acts as complex-fertilizer granules.

■There is a much greater decrease in the population of pathogenic nutrients and microorganisms.

■Stimulates the soil by performing microbial activities

■There is an increase in the availability of oxygen

■Soil is being maintained as the temperature increases.

■Increases the growth of plants

■Furnishes the quality of nutrients and plants which helps the plants to strengthen its roots and grow naturally.

■Helps in the germination of plants

■Plant growth hormones such as auxins nurture the soil and with the help of these plants grow profusely and freely.

Importance of earthworms in Vermicomposting

●Percolation of water get increased rapidly

●Because of earthworms, there is a possibility for an increase in soil fertility

●The decomposition of organic matter happens because of earthworms. So, earthworms really enhance the quality of soil and play a major role in Vermicomposting.

●The soil porosity also gets altered and repairs the damaged parts of plants.

●The roots of the plant penetrate deep and deep into the soil. This allows the soil for better working of growth and nourishment.

●Increase a better holding capacity of soil

●Also increases the variation capacity of the soil.

Using microbes is enhanced because of the earthworms.

Principles for application and management of Vermicompost

¤Pit or bed heap maintains the proper moisture.

¤The temperature of the pit should be a maximum of 15-25°C

¤One must check the PH level of the pit frequently

¤The gunny bags play a vital role in protecting Vermiculture as various types of insects and flies disturb the process of Vermiculture.

¤Excess of water in the unit is determined by the white colour earthworms

¤Vermiculture provides food to the earthworms as per their needs and wants. The Vermiculture smells typical but not badly.

Very necessary precautions of Vermicompost.

As one knows a coin has two sides. So Vermicompost also possesses a boon and a bane.

■The heaps of Vermicompost should be covered with a plastic sheet

■Red ants and rats are highly harmful to Vermicomposting. One should be alert.

■The heaps of Vermicompost should not at all be overloaded.

■One should keep in mind the temperature level. The temperature shouldn’t be high but accurate.

■The application of acid-rich substances should be avoided and neglected as this can seriously harm the Vermicompost For recycling crops and other liquid and solid wastes, there is an invention of modernised technology that will help Vermicomposting in the long run. Using full-fledged utilization of earthworms acts as a medicine for Vermicomposting.

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